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Barnabas Community believes there has to be a community that meets a person's basic needs while also recognizing them as a person of value. As our guest, you will be offered free food, clothing, hope, and hospitality by one of Lincoln's few completely free services.

Our meals are always homemade, healthy and delicious. You do not need to be in the Clarity system to get meals, but we ask that you only get the number of meals you need for your family. All meals are served on a first-come, first-served basis.

THU  6 PM until gone - DINNER

SAT  9 AM until gone - BREAKFAST
SAT  9 AM until gone - SACK LUNCH


Our store's inventory changes weekly based on the donations we receive so you're always sure to find something new each time you shop.

TUE 12 PM - 3 PM
THU  9 AM - 12 PM
THU  6 PM - 8 PM
SAT  10 AM - 2 PM



  1. Bring a valid form of identification to our store to get your Clarity card.
  2. Fill out all the Clarity paperwork forms to optimize services for up to 3 years. Download your required Clarity Paperwork form HERE.
  3. Receive a shopping time (handed out on a first-come, first-served basis). We hand out 6 shopping times for each 20-minute interval during open hours.
  4. Once you have this shopping time, you may wait in our community side or leave and come back at your designated time. If you are late for your shopping time, you will either have a shorter time to shop or will lose your spot in the store at that time.
  5. Shop for up to a total of 20 items once a week (weeks start over every Monday). If it is your first time shopping with us, you may get up to 25 items from our free store with a certificate we will give you when you check in. Items from our Senior Hygiene Cabinet (up to three) do not count toward your 20 items.
  6. If you are an agency bringing multiple clients in to shop, please make arrangements with us prior to coming out. Please call 402.742.0035.


Meet the rest of us in the Community Center of Barnabas to receive spiritual care from rotating pastors and leaders. Our Bible study offers a time for prayer followed by a time to address individual needs. Our worship features several pastors and key leaders offering scripture and a brief message. All are welcome!

THU  5:35 PM - WORSHIP (Immediately followed by a meal)

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